Welcome to my website! My name is Stephanie Wilson (although most people call me Steffi). I'm a software developer in the greater LA area with a bachelor's degree in Computer Science and about eight years of experience.

I specialize in T-SQL querying, domain knowledge, fast response to user questions and issues, documenting systems and processes, proactively looking for ways to improve our software, and I love coming up with simple solutions to problems.

I regularly work with C# (using the .NET framework to write MVC web apps) and maintain legacy web apps written in VBScript. I'm not by any means a web designer, but I know my way around HTML and CSS. I also have a strong foundation in Java (a couple minor projects can be found on my github).

My personal hobbies include crocheting, hiking, rock climbing, photography, and reading.

Feel free to check out my linkedin if you wish to contact me!